Special features of sport and health-related e-commerce

Sport and health, healthy lifestyle, are issues that are very much in vogue and around which a market has been established that has its strongest point in the internet. Thus, there has been an increase in the number of virtual shops offering dietary supplements or vitamin supplements to improve the physical condition of sportsmen and women, professionals or amateurs, and this is a large and growing sector in which it is difficult to stand out due, above all, to the fact that it is subject to specific health-related legislation. It is therefore necessary to make an extra effort to position oneself at the top of the search engines and to stand out from the competition within the framework of the law. In order to do this, it is best to look at who has already achieved this, such as HSNstore, and to differentiate our online dietary supplement business, we must take into account a number of importantaspects There are two interesting options: to obtain the product we sell from a wholesale supplier, so that we can put adjusted prices (and therefore attractive) but guaranteeing the benefits; or to register in an affiliate program with direct sale from the manufacturer, obtaining as a profit a fixed percentage of sale.

In any case, be sure of the reliability of your provider.Labelling. The legislation is very clear about the duty to indicate the components of the product we offer, the total amount of each ingredient and the recommended daily amount, etc. This information must appear in a specific way both on the packaging and on the product sheet that we include on our website, just as HSNstore does. Never sell pills or tablets in bulk and check that the product label has all the necessary information.

Then, dedicate a small space on your website to better break down this data, so that the consumer feels safe with their purchase.Information. Because the law stipulates all the information that must appear on the label of each product you sell, you run the risk of producing texts that are practically the same as those offered by other portals. Produce your own attractive text, which differentiates you from the competition, but do not exaggerate the properties of the supplements or be ambiguous when quoting possible contraindications. Truthfulness and originality: these are the premises.Inventory.

Although there is always room for sports health-related products, market trends also vary depending on aspects such as the time of year: for example, vitamin C is more in demand in the cold months, while in summer more recovery products with mixtures of amino acids are requested.

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