Health and Confinement: A Real Danger

When confinement begins, a new situation arises that can be stimulating because of the unknown perspective it presents. Many see it as an opportunity to rest, to do all those things that remain on the to-do list, to be with family, to meditate. However, in most cases, when confinement is prolonged and days are spent locked up in the house, things change perspective, work through the Internet is not as comfortable as it seemed, rooms in the home become smaller, anxiety can set in and boredom becomes a health burden.Each situation is very different and people's ability to adapt positively to such a change depends on both their personality and their living conditions. Similarly, there are positive and mentally strong people who are able to adapt while others are drowning in the slightest change in their routine, and it is these latter people who have the most difficulty coping with this situation without affecting their mental health and possibly their physical health.

In this situation it is very easy to fall into unhealthy attitudes such as eating too much, increasing the hours of sedentary life, smoking or drinking more than usual. It is important to bear this risk in mind and not to blame yourself too much when you take these attitudes. What can I do to feel better? If you feel somewhat overwhelmed and you tend to develop anxiety symptoms derived from confinement, it is advisable to take some measures in this respect to control the situation. This will bring you closer to the way of life and will effectively distract you from being immersed in this particular situation.

You can take advantage of this to cook more complex dishes than you usually do, clean the storage room thoroughly or finish all those small domestic tasks that are usually left pending. Taking the air and exposing yourself to natural light also become essential elements for mental and physical health, if you are not lucky enough to have a terrace, it will be enough to stay as long as possible next to a window. Move the table where you consult your computer and mobile phone or where you work. Finally, don't forget to spend time on your leisure and take advantage of this time if you have hobbies and interests.

Felicity Paquette
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