Can a new technology spread the coronavirus?

The new 5G technology means ten times faster navigation and a big jump from the previous technology, 4G. However, what appears to be a major technological advance has also been the subject of debate and fear. In recent days, there have been attacks on 5G towers located in the UK thanks to conspiracy theories put forward by some people. These theories are based on the belief that these antennas spread and spread the coronavirus.

What is true about this conspiracy?

How did the conspiracy arise

? The conspiracy theories were born in social networks when the first cases of coronavirus were confirmed in China and from there they spread all over the world. There are two positions: the first believes that the virus spreads through the use of devices that use 5G technology and the second indicates that the wireless network produces a weakening of the immune system and therefore people are more likely to contract diseases. As for the relationship between this new technology and COVID-19, it was precisely in Wuham where 5G towers were first installed. According to the conspirators, the citizens of Wuham, who were weakened by the antennae, contracted the disease and its spread was inevitable.

Is there any truth to this?

For one thing, China and the United Kingdom are not the only countries with confirmed cases of COVID-19.This means that there are countries that have not installed 5G towers and yet their inhabitants have contracted the virus.

This is true even for some cities in the UK. On the other hand, theories linking 5G technology to other diseases, such as cancer, were circulating long before the appearance of the coronavirus. In this sense, experts have shown that there is no link between one and the other as they have not found evidence to support these conspiracies. As for the technology and the coronavirus, the scientists assure that what can become a means of transmission of the COVID-19 is the mobile device itself.

The reason is very simple: we make use of our cell phone all the time and, therefore, the virus particles can land on it, making it a potential transmitter of the disease. More than the technology and the wireless networks that circulate among us, we must be concerned about the objects around us and take the necessary precautions to avoid contagion. In view of the link made by conspiracy theories between 5G technology and the coronavirus, the best thing to do is to find out what is true in the news circulating on the Internet and take into account what scientists and specialists say. The truth is that there is no evidence to support the relationship between the 5G network and any disease, and therefore there is no correlation between the coronavirus and the new technology's antennas.

The experts recommend, then, to take precautions against the objects that surround us and, this way, to avoid the contagion.

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