Anxiety and stress: how to limit the symptoms with natural remedies

Anxiety is a psychological condition generated by high levels of stress and characterised by the perception of excessive, almost always unjustified fears and apprehensions. The state of anxiety can gradually increase and distort the sensitivity of some subjects towards certain stimuli. When anxiety turns into distress, the latter can trigger psychosomatic reactions that are harmful in the long run (an increase in pulmonary ventilation, heart rate, sweating and brain activation, accompanied by typical signs such as nausea and tremors). When this annoying condition becomes frequent to the point of negatively affecting the patient's quality of life, we can speak of an "anxiety disorder".

In these cases, it is necessary to intervene on their habits and rely on the advice of doctors and psychologists. Among the natural remedies that can help to reduce anxiety should be mentioned CBD oil, a substance rich in beneficial properties, which in recent times have made it one of the most popular products at parapharmacies and specialty stores.

Foods that can fight anxietyThe

substance that has the greatest impact on states of anxiety and depression is serotonin , a neurotransmitter produced directly by the body and synthesized from tryptophan, an amino acid found in certain foods. Among the latter, it is worth mentioning walnuts (4 or 5 a day are more than enough), dark chocolate, dairy products and some fruits including pineapple, kiwi, cherries, plums, bananas and, in smaller quantities, tomatoes. According to recent studies, omega 3 fatty acids are also able to reduce anxiety.

Therefore, green light to blue fish (mackerel, sardines, bonito, etc.) and oil seeds such as pumpkin and flax seeds. On the contrary, there are foods that can worsen the condition of people who suffer from anxiety. Among those to be avoided at all costs include: coffee, tea and guarana (due to caffeine); chocolate (contains excessive levels of theobromine); energy drinks; hard liquor.

The cures and natural remedies recommended by expertsThe

most useful advice is to rely on the indications of a medical psychologist , able to work on the emotional state of the person and contribute to its rebalancing. The help of a psychologist can be fundamental in case of sudden bereavement, loss of work, abandonment, etc.

Even phytotherapy can help, being based on the assumption of extracts capable of improving relaxation and lowering stress levels. The most indicated plants? Hawthorn, valerian, passion flower and lemon balm.Aromatherapy , on the other hand, works on the psyche and brain receptors using the inhalation method. In this case, essential oils such as lemon balm, lavender, bitter orange and chamomile are administered to the patient. Finally, CBD (or cannabidiol) is also rapidly emerging as a powerful natural remedy.

CBD oil is extracted from hemp, the cultivation of which has long been at the centre of a dense diatribe. In its favour, it must be said that a THC content of less than 0.5% is not able to cause any psychotropic effect.

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